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MMUSA Exclusive Ottavianelli Angle (41/120)

MMUSA Exclusive Ottavianelli Angle (41/120)

The world’s only ergonomically enhanced full-size accordion design!  Are you older than you used to be?  Concerned about whether your current accordion is comfortable enough for you to play for many more years?  Do you wish there was an accordion that was designed to help prevent carpal tunnel / repetitive motion ailments for BOTH your right and left hands?  What if you could rehearse or perform for longer periods because your shoulders and arms are in a little more relaxed and comfortable position while playing?  Music Magic USA has designed the Angle – with a different keyboard vs. grille angle for lower elbow placement and less rotator cuff strain, bass platform angle modification to reduce left arm & wrist “wrap-around” required to reach the basses, and precise specifications of our exclusive (Music Magic Designed) Golden Touch keyboard with less energy required for key depression and lower key travel distance – resulting in one of the finest, quickest and most effortless keyboards of any accordion. Along with Musette tuning, Hand Made Reeds, wooden bass plate & valves, Sennheiser mics. and many more premium features. 
Only at Music Magic USA!  ~24.5 lbs. In Stock!

BRANDONI Model 133

BRANDONI Model 133

Brandoni & Sons manufactures many of the most powerful accordion models. The use of more reflective denser woods (such as mahogany in the flat areas of the body), Hand Finished Reeds (Hand Made optional), perfect bellows compression, wooden bass plate and valve composition along with meticulous attention to interior fit and finish all contribute to the tonal quality, and effortless power of the Model 133 from Brandoni’s Super Musette Series.

True Musette tuning of the 4/5 reed sets and the tonal selection of the treble registers allow for maximum sound diversity and clarity. Brandoni employs the highest standards of workmanship, is still run by the same family with workmanship that is absolutely unsurpassed.
Imported by Music Magic USA. ~24.5 lbs.


MMUSA Exclusive PIETRO Dolomite (41/120)


MMUSA Exclusive PIETRO Dolomite (41/120)

Music Magic USA is the exclusive distributor of Italy’s PIETRO Accordions and the largest line of custom crafted genuine wood finish piano accordions – the Dolomite Series. Hand made in PIETRO’s own separate artisan shop by experts in the construction of only such accordions.

The Dolomite 41/120 features genuine walnut satin finish, Musette tuning, rare emerald-cut pearl type keys, 4/5 sets of specially selected Hand Finished Reeds, and a wooden keyboard Master bar, registers, inlaid wood Pietro name and a Hand Carved all-wood grille with a special open design for maximum sound. Padded velvet backpad, Sennheiser microphones.

Only at Music Magic USA! 24.5 lbs. In Stock!


ALESSANDRINI Pro 9 Musette (41/120)


ALESSANDRINI Pro 9 Musette (41/120)

The Pro 9 has been our best selling 41/120 model. The unique keyboard is 19”, ultra light touch and with excellent speed and response. Player take notice of this special keyboard feel as well as the depth of the bass section – both hallmarks of Alessandrini’s Pro 9.

Wooden bass plate, valves, 4/5 sets of hand finished reeds, brass reinforced heavy duty integral Master bar, spring loaded Master registers, extra wide grille registers, extra bellows pleat for improved extendibility and extra padded tapered luxury hard case and velvet backpad to protect your valued investment. 4 different selectable Musette vibratos. Sennheiser microphones.

In Stock! (as pictured)

MMUSA Exclusive POLKA MAGIC by Music Magic & Alessandrini (41/120)

MMUSA Exclusive
POLKA MAGIC by Music Magic & Alessandrini (41/120)

The world’s only Italian made Cleveland-style polka tuned accordion built with features specified by Frankie Yankovic’s own accordion technician and accordion maker Don Krance of Euclid, Ohio).

On permanent interactive display at the Int’l Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum. Unique treble Hi/Lo register bar, 4/5 sets of Hand Made reeds, special polka tuning, Sennheiser microphones, 4 treble/4 bass registers, musical motif decorations, Front personalization. ~25.5 lbs. (37/96 mid-size also available)

SCANDALLI Polifonico XIV (41/120) (Musette or Piccolo tuned)

SCANDALLI Polifonico XIV (41/120)
(Musette or Piccolo tuned)

One of our favorite Scandalli models. This model embodies many of the visual design elements of the flagship Super VI, such as Super VI registers and screw attached bellows, but in a non-chambered premium model.

Silky Scandalli keyboard, the utmost in bellows response with Voci Armonich genuine Hand made reeds, and use of premium components for quiet mechanics, excellent power and beautiful tone. ~25 lbs


OTTAVIANELLI Musette (41/120)


OTTAVIANELLI Musette (41/120)

One of the highest value full sized pro models made in Italy. 4/5 sets of reeds with authentic Musette tuning. Grille and bellows ornamentation. Wooden bass plate and valve construction. Factory microphones and 11/7 registers including reed cancels and Master bar. ~23.5 lbs.

In Stock!

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