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SCANDALLI Air II (34/96) – Super Compact with Tone Chamber!

SCANDALLI Air II (34/96) –
Super Compact with Tone Chamber!

SCANDALLI makes the world’s lightest weight double tone chambered cassotto accordion – and it’s available now from Music Magic USA. Built with the same components and genuine hand made reeds (4/5 sets) as the full size SCANDALLI Super L model - with LMMM lighter Musette tuning.

Great portability, amazing tonal depth with Bassoon and Clarinet reeds in the chamber. Rich bass, quiet bass and keyboard mechanisms, full size key width.

Premium construction. <20 lbs!  In Stock!

MMUSA Exclusive PIETRO Dolomite 96H (38/96) w/ Helikon Bass

MMUSA Exclusive
PIETRO Dolomite 96H (38/96) w/ Helikon Bass

100% Italian-made PIETRO Accordions - the largest remaining line of custom crafted Alpine piano accordion models – The Dolomite Series. Only PIETRO Dolomite models are made in a separate artisan shop by experts in the construction of these beautiful works of art.

Genuine walnut satin finish, responsive Helikon bass – the deepest bass you can get – perfect for waltzes, polkas, rumbas and most any Euro or dance type music. wood inlays, true Musette tuning, premium H.F. reeds with a rare, low E 38 –note keyboard. Sennheiser microphones.

Only at Music Magic USA! ~22.5 lbs.  In Stock!

PAOLO SOPRANI Professionale 1A (37/96)

PAOLO SOPRANI Professionale 1A (37/96)

The brand that started it all in Italy.- PAOLO SOPRANI has always been synonymous with Italian craftsmanship, quality, and a unique sound of the special Soprani Musette tuning. All of these characteristics remain as they were over 100 years ago.

The Professionale 1A is a semi-pro model with a powerful projecting tone, sweet Musette LMMM tuning, 4/5 sets of Paolo Soprani special reeds, full width keys, and quiet responsive mechanisms. A lighter weight midsize – perfectly sized for home, stage or travel.

Just ~21 lbs. In Stock!

BRANDONI Mod. 68W Super Musette (34/96) – Solid Mahogany Finish

BRANDONI Mod. 68W Super Musette (34/96) – Solid Mahogany Finish

The finest reduced size Musette accordion. True Musette LMMM tuning. Full-sized sound. The most powerful accordions are made by Brandoni. 4/5 sets of premium Hand Made reeds with 11/7 registers.

Mahogany sharps, flats, registers and body with satin finish. Finest quality and detail both inside and out.

Weight approx. 21.5 lbs.

SCANDALLI Polifonico IX (37/96)

SCANDALLI Polifonico IX (37/96)

Scandalli’s lightest weight conventional model. 4/5 sets of hand finished reeds with 11/3 registers, including reed cancels. Tighter, lighter Musette tuning with 3 different vibrato combinations for the middle reeds. Quick and shallow light touch keyboard.

In stock as pictured in Classic Black, white keys, w/ factory installed Sennheiser mics. Weight 22 lbs

MORESCHI Centennial Special Edition (37/96) - Compact with Tone Chamber!


MORESCHI Centennial Special Edition (37/96) - Compact with Tone Chamber!

Built under the supervision of Mario Moreschi to commemorate 100 years of Moreschi Accordions. Ltd. edition premium model: 4/5 sets of Voci Armoniche Hand Made Reeds, hardwood dbl. tone chamber, Continental tuned LMMH with sweet light Musette type Violin register, black sparkle painted finish, Sennheiser microphones, 11/5 registers.

Among the finest 37/96 models made. Versatile. Weight ~24 lbs. Custom case.
In stock
  as shown $6,995

GIULIETTI M-52 (41/120) stroller 17.5” keyboard


GIULIETTI M-52 (41/120) stroller 17.5” keyboard

A unique compact model – among the lightest 41/120 models made today – barely 20.5 lbs!

3/4 sets of hand-finished reeds tuned LMM with a medium folk vibrato Violin register. Quick action, powerful.

In stock as pictured. MMUSA Price $4,595 (w/o mics)

MMUSA Exclusive PIETRO Portable (37/96)


MMUSA Exclusive PIETRO Portable (37/96)

Specially designed by MMUSA to contain the features most sought after by our customers. 4/5 sets of hand-finished Voci Armoniche reeds, special low G bass tuning (for richer bass sound), LMMM Musette tuning that is slightly less dissonant than typical European Musette, 4 Musette type vibrato registers include Celeste, Violin, 3-reed Musette, and Vibrato (French type).

From $3,995 including pearl keys/buttons and Hand Finished Reeds.

ALESSANDRINI Pro 5 (37/96)


ALESSANDRINI Pro 5 (37/96)

The Pro 5 uses wooden valve hammers and bass plate, 4/5 sets of hand-finished reeds, a stroller size keyboard (18.5” equiv.), and authentic European Musette LMMM tuning with 3 distinctly different Musette vibratos: 1) True Musette, 2) 2-reed Violin and 3) French Musette.

Shown with optional Sennheiser microphones and partial body ornamentation (grille & Alessandrini name). In stock! (exactly as shown – w/ Senn. Mics)  Approx. 21 lbs.

All specifications, pricing and availability is subject to change at any time.  NJ Residents subject to 7% Sales Tax

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