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Music Magic USA is featuring (for the first time) some of the most select, high quality and affordable used accordions available anywhere. First, we would like to explain that here at Music Magic USA, unlike most dealers, we do not take trade-ins. Our new accordion pricing is the lowest possible and, as such, there is no room for trade-in allowances which are often nothing more than some of the fat being taken out of the pricing of a new accordion rather than a true allowance for actual value of the trade-in.

Let’s face it, no-one will (or can) give you what your accordion is worth in trade because then they would not be able to make a profit on the resale of the instrument!

At Music Magic USA, instead of taking trade-ins, we help our existing and prospective customers sell their accordions. They do better, you do better, and we end up with nothing but happy customers. Facilitating the sale of our customers’ accordions is just another value added service provided by Music Magic USA. We do not want to turn away ANY accordion buyer and so we offer only excellent condition pre-owned accordions on behalf of customers who are familiar to us and have developed a mutual trust. ALL our used accordions are provided with a no hassle money back guarantee of satisfaction. Your payment is made to Music Magic USA and the transaction is not complete until you are satisfied after a 5 day in-home trial period. Credit cards are accepted with no surcharges. We make buying a new or used accordion easy, fun and AFFORDABLE!



Condition Codes:
A = Excellent, near mint condition. All reeds are fully functional and body/bellows are in near floor sample condition with only minor scratches, if any.
B = Very Good condition. Quite playable. Possibly one or two reeds may not sound (or only sound partially) but there are registrations where every note will sound. There may be some visible shop-worn surfaces which have no effect on playability or appearance from a distance.
C = Fair - Good condition. Offered for its excellent value. There is need for minor repair or replacement of some part. Playable for home use.

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